Colorado Gives Day


All parents have hopes and dreams that their children will live happy, healthy and meaningful lives.  Those whose children have developmental disabilities often feel  anxious about what the future looks like once they graduate from the security of the school system.
The FRIENDS organization was established with the purpose of ensuring a  lifetime of support. Programs we offer provide meaningful activities that encourage building skills for independence, community participation, and fostering friendships.

At FRIENDS the future looks bright.

Wow, $10,000!  FRIENDS, you are beyond Amazing! Because of you, our FRIENDS will continue to grow in the programs which they love at FRIENDS of Broomfield. If there’s one thing we want you to know, it’s that you matter.

We appreciate your support!



Third-party vendors charge credit card and electronic check processing
fees when you make an online donation.
Two percent of each donation helps to cover these fees and ensures
Colorado Gives Day’s long-term sustainability.
The two percent third-party processing fees is one of the
lowest processing fees in the country.