Day Program


FRIENDS Unlimited Day Program is a dynamic program for adults with developmental disabilities18 and older.

Enrolled participants arrive at the FRIENDS facility anticipating an active day consisting of scheduled recreational, educational or cultural activities; water aerobics, gymnastics, weight training, arts and dance classes and guided open space tours to name a few. Some of the activities are modified to accommodate the population’s needs and we are out in the fresh air as often as possible.

About the Program

  • Participants arrive at FRIENDS either by Access-A-Ride, private transportation or in some circumstances FRIENDS will provide the transportation to and from program within a 10 mile radius.
  • The program ratio of support staff to participant is 1:4.
  • Program costs are either through Comprehensive Service, Supported Living Services or private pay.
  • Participation to the FRIENDS is not limited to Broomfield County
  • Day Program is conducted Monday – Friday, 10:00 am – 3:00 pm.

Please contact FRIENDS at 303-404-0123 or Email FRIENDS if you have questions, or need additional information about the Day Program.

Guidelines for the FRIENDS Unlimited Day Program


If a participant is not able to attend the program, 24 hours advance notice is requested. In unforeseen circumstances, please call us by 8 a.m.


Any modifications to transportation (such as change of location or leaving program early) must be made by 8 a.m. to assure adjustments can be made.

If the participant will be arriving late it is necessary to call the program to determine if it is possible to join the activity and arrange to meet the group.

Lunch Time

We are on the go and will be out in the community. Please note that on many days we may not be returning to the facility for lunch. We ask that you send something that is ready-to-eat, not something that needs cooking or heating up. Participants must have this to be portable (include all necessary utensils, drinks, napkins, etc.)


We are on the go and will be out in the community. Please be sure that the participant is dressed appropriately for the weather. Coats, hats and gloves for the cold wintery days are a must! Also appropriate clothes for the day’s activity, such as swimming and gymnastics.

Snow Days/Inclement Weather

FRIENDS will close during severe inclement weather, especially when roads are dangerous. We will make every attempt to contact the participants as soon as we know the conditions. Check your local TV channels 7, 9, or 13. Notice of closure will also be posted on FRIENDS Facebook page.

We are going to try something new this winter related to transportation. We know that it is inconvenient when we do not provide transportation so we have come up with a solution!

During the winter when the roads are rough and it is difficult for our vehicles to get through the neighborhoods, we will be picking up at our new Transportation HUBS. Families and Caregivers will be notified of a HUB Transportation Day as early as 7 AM.