Residential Program


By honing participants’ skills in activities of daily living, FRIENDS Residential Program aims to increase independence at home and in the community. Concurrently, through development of meaningful pursuits and a social network, the program also facilitates participants’ progress into the least restrictive setting of which they are capable. A broad range of talents, abilities and needs are represented in the program and there are several service models available. FRIENDS accepts Private Pay and Comprehensive resources and is open to discussing creative solutions for those with other types of funding.

FRIENDS has two Residential Programs On My Own and Host Homes to meet our consumers needs.

On My Own (OMO) Independent Living Program


At its core, FRIENDS OMO is a program designed to transition adults with developmental disabilities from a lifestyle of dependence to one of independence. It targets individuals with a concrete desire to work toward their maximum independent potential. To enable them to do this, they will live in their own place with a roommate (recommended) or by themselves. Staff supports are structured to provide no more than the consumer needs and to then be scaled back as they master skills of independent living.

FRIENDS encourages new members in the program to live in Broomfield or another area where other OMO consumers are living to encourage independent socialization. They are currently concentrated in Broomfield and the surrounding areas. The program can utilize Supported Living Services, Comprehensive Services, and Private Pay options.


There are three major parts to FRIENDS OMO program. First and foremost is direct support, followed by FRIENDS evening Life Skills classes and FRIENDS evening social programs. Direct support is provided in the following areas:

  • Personal Care: Money Management, Shopping
  • Home Maker: Meal prep, Chores and Routine Household Care, Laundry, Maintenance
  • Mentorship: Promoting Self-advocacy (instructing, providing experiences, modeling, advising), Understanding Complicated Health and Safety Issues
  • Misc.: Scheduling, Social interaction and engagement coaching, Public Transportation

Also, all consumers have access to 24-hour emergency on-call assistance. For more info on our evening classes and social programs, please check the specific pages on this website.


  • At least 18 years of age but no more than 50 at time of entry
  • Primary diagnosis is developmentally disabled
  • Secondary diagnosis is not substance-related, schizophrenia or other psychotic disorder, or certain bipolar disorders
  • Does not require 24-hour on-site supervision
  • Does not require physical assistance with personal hygiene
  • Does not require assistance with daily medical or nursing type intervention. Participant must be able to take all medications independently
  • Recent physical evaluation and description of any medications required
  • Does not exhibit behaviors that would be a threat to self or others

Eligibility to enter the Apartment Living Program is based on medical, psychological, independent living skills, and social skill ability. The Independent Living Program will not provide daily medical or nursing intervention; therefore any applicant requiring such assistance would not qualify for the program.

Program Costs

Direct support staff costs for consumers with Supportive Living Services (SLS) and Comprehensive Services are covered by the state. For private pay consumers, there is a simple hourly rate plus staff transportation costs if living outside a 6-mile radius of the FRIENDS facility.
Please contact us for more details.

There is a separate cost for the evening classes and social outings. It is possible to cover some of the cost with state funding, but it must first be approved through the IP process. Please see our calendar for the upcoming events!

Consumer Responsibilities

Individuals who utilize SLS or pay privately are expected to sign their own lease, and set up their utilities. They are also encouraged to obtain a Section 8 Housing Voucher. FRIENDS OMO staff will assist them in maintaining their accounts, but FRIENDS does not cover any living expenses. For those with comprehensive services, the focus of the program is the same, although FRIENDS will facilitate all aspects of the consumer’s needs.

FRIENDS Host Homes

FRIENDS strives to create a supportive, community-centered program. This carries through into the Host Homes. Coupled with the philosophy of independence, FRIENDS aims to provide each consumer an individualized environment that promotes their personal growth and increases the fulfillment they experience in their own life.

FRIENDS is always on the lookout for providers who are eager to base their service in this philosophy. Broomfield, Boulder, and Jefferson counties are currently where FRIENDS consumers are served. Cities within this catchment area include: Broomfield, Lafayette, Louisville, Westminster, Boulder and Longmont. If you or anyone you know is interested in enriching the life of an adult with developmental disabilities through FRIENDS, don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more about the process of becoming a Host Home Provider. Both individuals and families are welcome!

Companion Model ( with Section 8 )

FRIENDS also facilitates companion model support environments under the Section 8 Housing Voucher. In this model, the consumer lives together with a Live-in Aide who can support them around activities of daily living while providing them the opportunity for productive socialization in their home. As with all FRIENDS residential programs, their support will be structured in such a way as to maximize the acquisition of independent abilities. This model works best with comprehensive services, but is certainly open to other funding solutions.

As with Host Homes, FRIENDS is always seeking individuals who are eager to make a difference in the life of an adult with developmental disabilities as a Live-in Aide. Please contact us with any question.