Social Program

Through various activities and environments FRIENDS enables adults with developmental disabilities 18 years or older, to acquire skills such as: socialization, appropriate behavior, independence and choice.

FRIENDS has several programs which achieve these goals:

FRIENDS Night Out: Activities for women and men together which provide an environment for learning appropriate social behavior and interaction, following direction, and integrating with the greater community

Women’s Night Out: Activities which provide a unique opportunity for the women to get together to play games; participate in “girl talk” focusing on issues relevant to women. Activities are determined by the women themselves.

Men’s Night Out: Activities which provide an opportunity for just the guys. This is their opportunity to socialize and participate in community activities.

Guidelines for the Social Programs

The following information is for our participants that attend any of the FRIENDS Social Activities or Classes. We ask that you please follow our guidelines:

• Registration

  • You must let us know if you are attending a social activity or class – 3 days prior to the event. You do this by completing the registration form and mail or drop it off with payment to FRIENDS. PHONE CALLS to register the day of the activity will no longer be accepted.
  • Participation to the FRIENDS programs is not limited to Broomfield County residents.

• Cancellation Policy

  • In the event that the minimum of participants do not sign up, the event will be cancelled. We will notify all signed up participants if this should occur and will issue a credit to the paid participants.
  • In the event that you need to cancel, a 24 notice is required in order for us to make staffing adjustments. No credit will be given for cancellations within 24 hours of event.
  • Partial credit may be given depending upon the event which you cancelled and when you cancelled.

• Transportation

  • Arrival: Participants arrive at FRIENDS either by Access-A-Ride, or private transportation. For participants in the On My Own program, FRIENDS will provide the transportation to and from FRIENDS within a 6 mile radius.
  • Pick-up: All participants must be picked up at FRIENDS Place. We do not allow participants to wait outside. Staff will stand at the main entrance to wait for pick-up.

• Program fees

  • Program fees are paid for either through Comprehensive, Supported Living Services (SLS) or Private Pay. Please refer to the registration form for payment guidelines.

• Events Start and End Times:

  • Please review the start and end times of the event as these will be different from program to program. The FRIENDS bus will be leaving for the event at the event start time listed. The bus will return to FRIENDS Place at the event stated end time. Event doors will open 10 minutes before start time. Participants should leave 5 minutes after event has ended.

• Snow Days/Inclement Weather

  • FRIENDS will close during severe inclement weather, especially when roads are dangerous. We will make every attempt to contact the participants as soon as we know the conditions. Notice of closure will also be posted on FRIENDS Facebook page.

If you have any questions please call Molly directly at 303-404-0123 ext. 1002
or Click here to email FRIENDS