Beer Pong Tournament


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Jacksons 1520 20th St, Denver, CO 80202

Date & Time

May 18, 2024 12:00PM - 4:00PM


If on phone, scroll to the bottom to register.

Event Description

Our Young Professional Board, BeFRIEND, is putting on a Beer Pong Tournament to raise funds for FRIENDS’ Day, Residential, Social & Travel, and Supported Employment programs supporting adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Join us for a single elimination tournament at Jacksons in Denver across from Coors Field. Event is 21+ and each team registration is $50 including 6 crushable beers and entry in the Tournament. Krumsy will be spinning beats as you try to be crowned the Beer Pong Champion! Space is limited so be sure to register today.

Tournament Rules

20 Minute Time Limit

Due to time we will have a 20 minute time limit on each game. If a game reaches 20 minutes and is not complete the team in the lead will be declared the winner. If at 20 minutes the game is tied the next team to make a cup and take the lead will be declared the winner. 

Deciding Who Goes First

Rock, Paper, Scissors best out of three to see who shoots first.

Elbow Rule

When shooting, players must keep their elbows behind the edge of the table. If the shot is made, the infracting player may step back and re-shoot the ball.


Twice per game, each team can request the cups to be rearranged at the start of their turn. This is known as re-racking, racking, or reforming. Racking may take place when you have remaining cups in the amount of 6, 4, 3, or 2. If you get balls back after making 2 in a row, it is still considered your turn and you may not get a rack. If requested, Last cup may always be pulled back and centered. 

Bouncing / Swatting

If a ball hits the table and then goes into a cup (even by accident), the cup that the ball goes into is removed, as well as another cup of the defending player’s choice. 

No Fingering / Blowing

Fingering is when the ball is spinning inside of a cup and the defending team pulls it out with his/her finger. Blowing is when the ball is spinning inside of a cup and it is blown out by the defending team.

Fixing Cups

At any time in the game, a player may ask for the cups to be fixed. This is not to get confused with racking. This is simply putting the cups back to where they would have been had they not slid or been knocked out of position.

On Table Rollbacks

After shooting if the ball rolls back to the shooter without hitting the floor (you may also grab it mid-air), they can shoot it again behind the back. The shot counts as one cup if made.

NBA Jams On Fire Rule

After a player hits two cups in a row, he can call “heating up.” If he makes his third shot he can announce that he’s on fireand he shoots until he misses. If the player fails to announce that he’s heating up he cannot call on fire.

Island / Solo / Iso / Lonely Cup

This rule has many different aliases, but the concept is the same. Each player once per game can call a specific cup if it is not touching any other cup (singled out due to surrounding cups being hit, not from the cup sliding away from the other cups on a wet table). If the called cup is hit, the defending team pulls the hit cup along with an additional cup of their choosing. If the shooter calls a specific cup and hits another, the ball is pulled out and the unintentionally hit cup remains on the table.


After the last cup is hit each player from the losing team has a chance to hit the remaining cups. Each player shoots until they miss, the order in which this is done does not matter. If there are racks left over they may be used now. Once both players miss and there are remaining cups, the game is over. If the players manage to hit all remaining cups the game goes into a 3 cup overtime.


Three cups are placed back into a triangle shape and the would-have-been winners shoot first. There are no racks permitted on overtime, however the last cup may be pulled back / centered.

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