We believe that every person, regardless of their abilities, has the right to be fully included in their community and to live the life they choose.

FRIENDS Independent Living Services supports individuals in a manner that works best for each person and is appropriate to their lifestyle.

We customize support to meet the person’s needs, preferences and desires.

We believe everyone should have opportunities to learn new skills and develop existing ones

We believe every adult should have choice and control over their own lives.

Individual Services

  • Appropriate to the individual’s lifestyle and are designed to meet  the person’s unique needs
  • Increased independence, empowerment and self- advocacy
  • Activities of daily living
  • Social activities
  • Community integration and participation
  • Development of authentic relationships
  • Navigating health and medical care
  • Promoting emotional well-being, healthy coping skills, and self-care
  • Financial education
  • Safety planning
  • Personalized mentorship

Service Models 

Host Home

Adults live in private homes where they can be immersed in the everyday activities of family and community life. Individuals receive personalized support from nurturing providers who ensure their safety and well-being. Providers also develop a quality relationship of support and guidance with the individual while providing the least restrictive environment possible.

Independent Living

Central to the program are individualized services and personal choice. Every person in the program is actively involved in planning their own daily routine and determining the supports they need to be successful. Staff encourage and assist people to accomplish valued personal goals, independence and to be an integral part of the community. 

Family Caregiver

Adults can receive residential services by a family member of their choice. Family members are hired by FRIENDS to provide daily support with personal care, household tasks, financial management, medical appointments and community connections.


  1. To allow participants to experience an independent lifestyle.
  2. To support participants as they work towards independence.
  3. To educate participants on how to develop and maintain social networks.
  4. To develop positive adult decision-making skills.
  5. To provide continual support and advocacy for participants.
  6. To increase self-worth and a successful outlook on life.
  7. To improve health and wellness.
  8. To maintain personal budgets and coordinate meaningful life activities.

Residential Program Director

Chantelle Tweten-Crumbliss

Phone: 303-404-0123